#56: A green light for 2013.

We are very pleased that conflict with Southwark over a
protocol for parks groups has been resolved just in time for the
season of goodwill. The Friends objected to any suggestion that
groups be obliged to sign the protocols, because that would
amount to groups, which should be independent, being de
facto licensed by the Council, with whom they are sometimes
in opposition. Groups which had previously clashed with
Southwark or with other councils over developments on parks
were the most concerned about the move. We thank Stephen
Govier, Independent Councillor for South Camberwell, for
responding so quickly to our concerns and for producing a
member’s question for the Council.

On Dec. 12, Rebecca Towers, Southwark Council’s Parks and
Open Spaces Manager, issued a welcome statement that
“signing of the document would, of course, be optional (I’m
very sorry this wasn’t clear and for the problems that this may
have caused).”

We have an opportunity now to re-focus on the very positive
relationship which has existed between us and the Council in
recent years, and for which Rebecca herself can claim
substantial credit.


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