#57: Ornamental arch – a snap consultation.

Have your say, but don’t
We want your view, but
by Jan 2.

This project to improve the
West Dulwich entrance to
Belair Park was launched by
Alastair Hanton of the Dulwich
Society. It is being funded
through Southwark’s Cleaner,
Greener, Safer scheme. During
consultation, it was decided
that the most practical and
attractive possibility would be
an arch over the gateway.

Local artist Heather Burrell,
noted for her metalwork, has
come up with three options
(from top to bottom, Option 1,
Option 2, Option 3), which we
have recently received from
Southwark. These alternative
designs celebrate the “living
fossil” gingko tree, the Little
Owl and dragonflies, all to be
found in our Park.

We are sorry to have to rush
you to make up your mind over
the Christmas Season, but felt
that you would like to be given
the chance to tell us which
design you prefer.

The CGS team is very keen to
press ahead and get this
project moving. They want to
hear about your choice, but
no later than Jan. 2, 2013.
Please phone or email the
Friends of Belair Park as soon
as possible to let us know your
friendsofbelairpark@hotmail.co.uk Tel. 020 8670 8924


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