#58: Ornamental arch – answering some of your questions.

Many thanks to Andy Newman of Southwark’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer
team for clarifying issues about the proposed ornamental arch over
the West Dulwich gate to Belair Park.

The drawings presented in the last issue illustrate the range of
possible designs and are they were not intended as mutually
exclusive choices. The final design can incorporate popular elements
of all three. Right: Ginkgo leaves (seen here on the lawn) feature in
all three designs.

In the drawings which we presented of Option 1 and 3, the words “Welcome to Belair Park” and “Belair Park” were floating in mid-air just above the top of the existing gate posts, which are 6ft high. The words would not be fixed at that height, but would either be fixed to the top of the gate itself (which can be closed if necessary, but, in practice, is always fastened back), or, more
visibly, be incorporated into the arch. The inside of the arch would measure 9 ft tall.

The arch will be manufactured from galvanised mild steel, and will be painted.

As regards the threat of theft, the arch will be machine screwed and welded to the existing posts. It is hoped that the fact that the arch will be adjacent to a main road, a fall in metal prices and tightening of government regulations will make theft less tempting.

Please let us have your final comments by Jan. 6, 2013:


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