#60: Flood works could mean major changes for Belair Park

They will be discussed at two public meetings:

● The first meeting will be held by the London Borough of Southwark at 2 pm on Thursday, January 31, 2013.
If you wish to attend, please contact Joseph Okai as soon as possible,
because Southwark will need to prepare seating and refreshments: Tel.: 020
7525 2145; Mob.: 07950705063 or email joseph.okai@southwark.gov.uk

● The second meeting will be held by the Friends of Belair Park
at 7 pm on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

The purpose of this evening meeting is to allow a broader section of thecommunity to participate and to give anyone who came to the first meeting an opportunity to respond to what they have heard after having had the benefit of several days to think it through. A formal vote will be taken.

Both meetings will be held at the Recreation Rooms, Belair Park,
entrance off Gallery Road, SE21 7AB .
Travel information: Closest railway stations are West Dulwich & North Dulwich. Nearest buses are 3, P4 and P13. There is a large, free public car park available during the day, with car parking available also at the Recreation Rooms.
Further information online: see TfL’s journeyplanner or streetmap.co.uk.
Dulwich Society helps tackle a mini-flood hazard from fire hydrant.

My thanks to Prof. Isaac Marks of the Dulwich
Society’s transport committee. Out to take some
snow pictures in the woods on Jan. 20, and
without a mobile phone, I found a fire hydrant
spilling water across the pavement and into the
road, outside the Old Blew House on Dulwich
Common. In view of the freezing weather, this
posed a potential slip hazard, so I called on Isaac,
who kindly let me use his phone to inform the
emergency services. The picture left was taken
the next day. Nothing had been done about it,
but fortunately, the sheet of water hadn’t frozen.
M. J. Heath (Chair).


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