#61: Flood works and ecology – public meeting Feb. 5, 2013

We have a rare opportunity to play a leading role in a major project which will
make positive changes for ecology and amenity in and around Belair Park.

Left: Matthew Jessop of Mouchel discusses options for flood prevention
measures with members of the local community.

On Jan. 31, 2013, the London Borough of Southwark and
representatives of Mouchel and MGJV met with the Dulwich
Park Friends and later, with the Friends of Belair Park and
other community groups, to discuss how local open space may
feature in efforts to reduce flooding in Dulwich and Herne Hill.

The follow-up public meeting will take place at
7:00 pm, Tuesday, February 5, 2013, in the
Recreation Rooms, Belair Park (entrance off
Gallery Road, SE21 7AB). All welcome.

Questions for community decision at the Friends’ Feb. 5, 2013 meeting.
The purpose of flood works will be to retain waters in the Park, so that they do not overwhelm the sewers and cause flooding in residential and commercial properties.

Discussions on Jan. 31, 2013 enabled key questions to be formulated. These, and any others that arise, will be put to the public meeting for discussion followed by formal votes on Feb. 5.

The first and most important question will be this: do you agree, in principle, that flood works, accompanied by major enhancements to the Park, should proceed?

The meeting will be asked to endorse the policy that established projects in which the community has invested considerable time and effort, and has expected to establish a long-term legacy, namely the wildlife area, the playground, and hedgerows around the western and northern margins of the Park, should be retained in the course of flood works.

Subject to the proviso that the works do not intrude onto sports features, such as cricket and football pitches, do you agree that there should be substantial ditch works and expansion of wetland features in areas assigned for water catchment? Should a route be created around both sides of the lake and if so, what form should it take on the eastern (house) side, where it will run through wetland and other wildlife areas?

Above: Animated discussions at the Jan. 31, 2013 meeting about flood works in Belair Park.


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