#63d: Fire strikes Southwark’s Cuming Museum.

On March 25, a fire broke out in
the Cuming Museum.

Buses headed for London up the
Walworth Rd. were diverted to
the east, but re-joined the
normal route not far from the
scene of the blaze. Martin
Heath was on the upper deck of
a diverted 68 and was dismayed
to discover where the fire was
raging. At that stage, the fire
was evident in the rear upper
part of the building. A little
later, Matt Reid (Secretary of
the Friends of Belair Park),
made the same journey. The
two had a scheduled meeting
and Matt reported that when
his bus had passed the scene,
the fire had now spread to the
front of the building. Over 100
fire fighters were involved in
tackling the blaze The Cuming
Museum houses the artefacts
collected by Richard Cuming
(1777-1870) and Henry his son
(1817 to 1902) and was opened
to the public in 1906. It
focusses also on the history of
Southwark. The Leader of
Southwark Council, Cllr Peter
John told reporters that the
collection was unique. It was:
“Really tragic that we may
have lost all or part of that
collection today.”


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