#64: Transformation at New Leaf


A massive community effort led by New Leaf gets underway. Spring make-over for the embankment at West Dulwich Station brings garden project closer to completion.

This newsletter is about ordinary people making a difference to their environment. There is no better example of this than the community effort drawn together by Vinnie O’Connell of New Leaf on April 28, 2013.

Martin Heath (Chair, Friends of Belair Park): “I turned up to take some photos and ended up joining in. It was hard not to be sucked in by the enormous enthusiasm of the event. I moved a paltry few wheelbarrows of soil, and I confess that I felt humbled, seeing the very determined physical effort being put in over several hours by a team of South Londoners of all ages and social backgrounds. This kind of project is what real community is all about, and it demonstrates the vital role that New Leaf is playing in West Dulwich and its environs. My heart-felt congratulations to all involved.”

The purpose of the project, funded by the Capital Community Fund and
Southwark’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer initiative was to create terraces which
will be planted up to illustrate the time-line of plant evolution. According
to Vinnie O’Connell, founder of the New Leaf project, the feature when
finished is intended to create the impression of “a big, green slumbering
dinosaur.” A magnolia terrace will be planted above it. 18 tonnes of soil had been delivered to the Chandni Restaurant car park on the opposite side of the road and it was moved from there to the terraces by a human chain across the South Circular.

Above: After the traditional problems in lighting up the barbecue, Vinnie finally gets the burgers cooking.

New Leaf group

The volunteers line up for a group photo after their hard efforts.

Photographer Larissa Alves made a video of the volunteer day:

She may be contacted on email at: larisalves@gmail.com.

Would you like to volunteer for New Leaf, or the Friends of Belair Park?
friendsofbelairpark@hotmail.co.uk Tel. 020 8670 8924


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