#65: Wildlife volunteer day

Out in the spring sunshine on May 3 – Left: Peacock butterfly (Inachis io), which feeds on nettles and lays its eggs on the undersides of leaves in the upper parts of nettles. West Norwood.

Right: Jack-by-the-hedge, otherwise called “garlic mustard”(Alliaria
petiolata). Belair Park, West Dulwich (South London).

After this year’s prolonged cold spell, the sunshine and
warmer weather of early May was welcome. May 3, 2013
was almost cloudless, and the ground had dried out,
making this volunteer day enjoyable and constructive.
The purpose of the event, made possible by Brixtonbased
Embrace Cooperation, was to begin to replace
bramble beds in front of the Belair Park Wildlife Walk,
with great willow herb and creeping thistles from part of
the wetland area which needed to be cleared.

Top, left to right: John Cannell, who
organised the volunteers, digs out thistles
and willow herb; Stephen Wicks with
plants; Dilana Tasci wheels plants to their
new home. Thistle beds will be attractive
habitat for butterflies. Brambles are also
good for wildlife and will be kept in
managed patches. Right: Susannah Peel
with camera hunts butterflies. Below,
Dilana waters area ready for re-planting.
Thanks to New Leaf for refreshments.


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