#66b: a surprise mural

On May 10, Friends Chair Martin Heath popped
into the New Leaf shop and heard that a mural
was being painted on the wall of the tennis
court in Belair Park.

This was surprising! The
Friends had been talking to Southwark’s
Cleaner, Greener, Safer team about the
possibility of a wildlife mosaic. Across the
road, Martin found German artist Claudia
Walde hard at work, with Ed Saunders and Will
Shaw videoing the event.

Dulwich Picture Gallery had commissioned a
mural inspired by a painting in the Gallery by
Dutch artist Jan van Huysum (1682-1747),

Somehow, the Dulwich parks management hadn’t been kept informed about the project’s progress, and there had been no consultation – an issue presently being pursued by Southwark.

After a phone call from the Friends, parks managers Paul Highman and Robert Roach set to work regularising the paper work, and Martin went on camera to welcome the colourful mural, which will be greeting visitors with its vivid floral theme. Meanwhile, Paul is looking at options for a sunnier spot for a sparkling mosaic (like those at the London Wildlife Trust’s Marsden Rd. site).

Claudia, otherwise known as MadC, is well known for her street art, which has included both walls and buses. She explained in her online blog:

“I’ll be participating in this year’s Dulwich Street Art Festival – Baroque The Streets. Other participants are Conor Harrington, ROA, Nunca, Shok-1, Remi Rough and more. We’ll be painting murals based on paintings from the Dulwich Picture Gallery. So I’m sure it will be an interesting event not to miss.”

Below, left to right: Robert Roach, Ed Saunders, Claudia Walde and Will Shaw.

Above: The completed mural. Look
closely and you can find details, such as
a peacock butterfly, a caterpillar and a
fly, which featured in the original “Still-
Life-with-Flowers-in-a-Stone-Vase” (left)
which were included by Claudia in her
street art version. Below: A portrait of
Jan van Huysum by Arnold Boonen.

Below: Ed Saunders (with camera) and Will Shaw filming Claudia at work. Shoot & Edit works across a broad range of projects; from broadcast and commercials to corporate events and films for the web.


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