#71: Save Dulwich Green Spaces from Commercial Development

orchard demo

save the orchard demo – July 18th 2013

Building without planning permission

Foundations have been prepared on a Dulwich sports field before Southwark has actually granted planning permission for building work.

The key hearing is on July 23, 2013.

From John Gleeson, local resident:

We need your help in objecting to a development proposal to build a commercial nursery on Metropolitan Open Land. This is inappropriate and if it gets the go ahead, will set a very dangerous precedent for the future of other open green spaces in Dulwich / Lambeth / Southwark. Alarmingly, foundations have already been laid without planning permission on Metropolitan Open Land, and the consultation process has not been followed.

This is the first commercial development on any of the Dulwich sports or recreational grounds, setting a very dangerous precedent.

I would be extremely grateful if readers could spare the time to write to Southwark Council. The consultation closing date for objection is 27th July, but the earlier comments are made the better, as the planning hearing is scheduled for 23rd July.

Southwark Community Sports Trust which operates the Dulwich Sports Centre (formerly the South Bank University playing fields) on Turney Road, in conjunction with a private operator (Nelly’s Nursery), is planning to construct a commercial building on previously open green space and the Dulwich Estate supports this development. Approval opens the way for further commercial units to be constructed on our open spaces on grounds of economic necessity. Such a move will change the nature of Dulwich forever.

Please contact: john.gleeson@outlook.com

The Friends of Belair Park are asking Southwark how it was that those behind this project felt able to presume that planning permission would be a mere formality, so that they could commence construction without waiting.

The planning application (number 13/AP/1732) is on the Southwark Council Planning website at:

The planning documents are at:

Reasons to Object:
1. Inappropriate commercial development on Metropolitan Open Land / green spaces.
2. Change of use from recreational to commercial purposes.
3. Site of proposed building in an area prone to severe and regular flooding from the
underground River Effra.
4. Additional traffic on Turney Road and Burbage Road impacting traffic flows throughout the village area.

To object to this planning application please email

or in writing to:
Mr Gary Rice, Head of Development Management, Southwark Council Planning Division, Development Management (5th floor – hub 2), PO Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX.

Please make sure that you state the application number (13/AP/1732) and your full postal address. It is important to state very clearly that you object to an application if you want to be counted as an objector .

Also e-mail our MP and Councillors and let them know you object:
Tessa Jowell MP: jowellt@parliament.uk
Councillor Toby Eckersley: toby.eckersley@southwark.gov.uk
Councillor Michael Mitchell: michael.mitchell@southwark.gov.uk
Councillor Robin Crookshank Hilton: robin.crookshank.hilton@southwark.gov.uk

Thank you for your support.
friendsofbelairpark@hotmail.co.uk         Tel. 020 8670 8924


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