#76: Community Fair, All Saints’, West Dulwich

All Saints' Community Fair

Held on September 21, 2013, the day before this year’s autumn equinox, the Community Fair was an opportunity for those working for community  projects to network. The grey overcast and the fact that some of the leaves on the trees were already turning colour gave a true feel of an approaching autumn.

Amongst projects being promoted was Rosendale Energy. Anna Birley, Chair of the Lambeth Sustainability Forum, is one of those beind the project. She explained that the aim is to create community owned solar energy from roof installations at Rosendale School, All Saints’ Church and the Lairdale and Whitfield estates. Funds would be raised through a community share offering in the coming spring and shareholders would be paid dividends. Additional profits would go into a community pot to fund local sustainabiliy projects.

The organisers, Anna Birley and Zoe Burt, can be contacted at:

The Friends of Belair Park have been working in partnership with the London Borough of Southwark to enhance wildlife corridors across the landscape. This work has included the creation of hedgerows, a lakeside ecology area and a wetland. If you would like to assist in maintaining these features, please ring Susannah Peel on 07837621496 or email friendsofbelairpark@hotmail.co.uk.


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