#77: Save our Countryside and Green Spaces!

Urgent – action required by October 9, 2013

The following has been received from the Campaign to Protect Rural England:

Stop plans to release more countryside for new development. The Government wants to introduce new planning guidance* that will put pressure on local councils to release more countryside and Green Belt for development. The Government are hoping that trying to increase housing
in this way will lower the cost of housing but all our evidence shows this won’t happen.

Countryside under threat from 650,000 new homes. Our latest research shows at least 500,000 new homes planned for greenfield sites. This could result in the loss of 150sq Km of irreplaceable countryside. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Destruction on this scale is totally unnecessary when there are enough suitable brownfield sites for around 1.5 million homes. In the past year the number of houses proposed in the Green Belt has doubled to 150,000. We are concerned that the new guidance, in particular the so-called ‘affordability’ test, will make this threat much worse. The new guidance also promotes driving and parking in town centres. Planning should be prioritising public transport, walking and cycling, which make more efficient use of space. CPRE’s charter to save our countryside is asking for previously developed brownfield sites to be developed first, which will help protect the countryside and regenerate our towns and cities. Please sign now – over 11,000 so far!

Giving communities a fair say. We are also concerned that the planning guidance doesn’t give enough weight to draft local and neighbourhood plans. We’re calling for a fair say for communities in our charter and are urging changes to the guidance to reflect this.

Help us make our charter demands a reality. Together we can improve the final planning guidance so that we can protect the countryside, give communities a fair say and get the housing the country needs in the right places.

But we must act quickly, as we only have until Wednesday 9 October to give our views. Please write to your local MP urging them to raise these concerns with Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State.

Campaign to Protect Rural England:

Please sign the Charter and write to your MP by the deadline Go to:
http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action ?
* https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-streamlined-planning-guide-launched-online


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  1. Save our land something needs to be done they are flattening wooded area and meadows and any bit off country side round doncaster please help stop this some one

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