From an e-mail by John Gleeson: A Plea For Help – Dulwich Green Open Space

Dear All,

I am passing on this email from John Gleeson ( to everyone on our email list. In addition to John’s attachments re. objection letters, I attach also a document from his later email describing the scheme.
I comment that the Friends are concerned about continuing pressure for function creep of Metropolitan Open Land. An argument has been circulated to the effect that the only way to save the sports fields between Belair Park and Turney Road from major development is to accept minor development/weakening of MOL status.  This logic would  be meaningful only  if a decision has already been taken that the MOL status of the field can be revoked and major development accepted in principle. I am unaware of any such decision being taken and invite cllrs to respond.
With my best wishes for 2014!
Martin Heath (Chair, Friends of Belair Park).


Letter From John Gleeson:

Dear Neighbour;

In July you were good enough to write a letter of complaint to Southwark Council about a proposal to build a commercial nursery on Metropolitan Open Land at the Dulwich Sports Club on Turney Road.

Due to our collective action, the Council changed their position and appear to have accepted that this was indeed ‘inappropriate development’ on Metropolitan Open Land.   However, since then, the SCST, who lease the land from Dulwich Estate, have submitted a report justifying the development on the basis that it is the only means of safeguarding  their financial future.  In addition they have converted the old caretaker’s flat into a commercial residential let.  This is effectively turning part of the pavilion into a private residence, a dangerous precedent for other Dulwich sports pavilions.

If the space in the pavilion were used for the wet weather teaching facilities the SCST argues it so desperately needs, the port-a-cabins and development would not be required.

In essence the SCST are now applying for two commercial developments on the fields.  We fear that if both applications are approved, there will be nothing to stop further commercial development on other sports fields in Dulwich on the simple premise that it makes the clubs richer.  Our opposition to inappropriate development on Metropolitan Open Land remains strong. It is against national planning policy and is not in the interest of Dulwich as a whole.

I am asking you to support our campaign once again, and object to both developments; the flat and the new proposals for the nursery.

I have attached two draft letters plus links to the plans.

I appreciate it is a busy time of year, so if you can, as a minimum,  please send an e-mail saying:


“ I  name  of address object to planning applications: 13/AP/1732 and 13/AP/3927 “


To:; ; ;

The closing date for objections is Friday 3rd January.  Please contact myself (John Gleeson) if you have any queries.

Thank you once again for your support and for taking the time to assist us, it is much appreciated.

I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and New Year.

Yours sincerely,

John Gleeson

Planning Documents:

13/AP/1732  (for nursery building)

13/AP/3927 (for flat)


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One response to “From an e-mail by John Gleeson: A Plea For Help – Dulwich Green Open Space

  1. Alex Hamilton

    No I don’t agree with this. Although this is MOL it is not public green space. I think the proposed development has value to the community outweighing the perceived risk to the MOL – which I think is slight – and should be allowed to proceed.

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