Consultation – “finger post” for Belair Park.

From Pippa Krishnan (Service Development Officer – Southwark Council).

11Ab.12 GCMS

style of proposed finger post


Dear Friends of Belair Park,

Best wishes for the new year!

Subject to agreement from Dulwich Estate, we would like to install a new Green Chain Walk heritage style metal “finger post” at Belair Park, to replace the brown plastic-wooden-style post that is currently located between the tennis courts and the play area.

proposed finger post

location of proposed post

These posts currently exist at Dulwich Park, and there is one outside Old College Gate if you would like to see one.

Please could you let me know the Friends opinion regarding the proposed post, and whether you have any questions? The supply and installation will be funded by the Green Chain Walk, as long as it is installed and paid for before the end of the financial year on 31 March.

Many thanks,
Pippa Krishnan

Service Development Officer – Southwark Council
Public Realm – Parks & Open Spaces
Chumleigh Gardens
Burgess Park
SE5 0RJ 
020 7525 5133
07957 420 196

straw poll:

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One response to “Consultation – “finger post” for Belair Park.

  1. Angela Morpeth

    Green chain sign fine but maybe consider white finger post as rest of Dulwich. Not if requires more upkeep costs I which case, green version fine.

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