UPDATE FROM THE MEETING 29th January 2014, Christ Church, Barry Road, SE22


Our thanks to the DCC for its positive response to submissions for community projects and for its support for the essential work being carried out by the Friends in Belair Park and other groups in the vicinity.

From Anne-Marie Braun (Friends of Belair Park): “I’m delighted to let you know that it was announced at the Dulwich Community Council meeting tonight that there will be more CGS funding for projects in Belair Park, including £10,000 for playground equipment in place of the Big Fish.

Anne Marie and our Secretary Matt Reid had devoted much time to holding a consultation amongst local parents and children about the most appropriate new playground equipment. Unfortunately, the Big Fish was destroyed in an act of arson, shortly after being installed. It’s good to see that Southwark has acted fast to ensure that another piece of equipment will replace it.

From Alastair Hanton (Dulwich Society): “I am pleased to report that the Dulwich Community Council decided at its meeting last evening to award £55,000 to fund a crossing of Gallery Road.

The crossing will connect a section of the Green Chain Walk with the section that runs through Belair Park. Southwark will now draw up detailed plans.

Vinnie O’Connell, founder and Operations Director of New Leaf reported that the DCC had awarded his organisation £10,000 to run summer workshops with young people to provide qualifications through the Open College Network (Level 1 and Level 2 Horticulture). The scheme, which is based at New Leaf, West Dulwich, SE21, will concentrate on young people not in education, employment or training.

New Leaf greenhouse appeal.

We are trying to raise £3,200 to build a community greenhouse in Rotherhithe, with our partners Time and Talents, and the Construction Youth Trust. It will allow us to deliver horticultural training to young people and local residents, and there are great rewards for even modest investment. You can find out more about it, and donate, here:


Many thanks for any support! You can see more about our work from the website  www.new-leaf.org.uk

Contact Bruno Lacey at  info@new-leaf.org.uk


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