Please give advance warning when submitting material

A note from Nadia (admin),

Dear Friends of Belair Park,

It’s fantastic that so many of you read the Friends newsletter, and that many of you feel the Friends provides a forum for community events, for discussion of issues and problems – this is of course what we are here for. It makes me feel really proud that I can facilitate people to be involved with the running of the community, and that there is genuine engagement, and the friends feels that their role is to truthfully interrogate the powers of Southwark, and fight for the genuinely best outcome for the people that Southwark Council serves. We are a checks and balance service; we are a transparency tool.

Many groups are submitting materials to us for us to publish – this is great! Could you please remember to submit it with advance warning – it is too much work for us if you submit it just before the event itself happens.


Is there someone out there who wishes to help me with the web admin? I would teach you WordPress skills, and how to configure newsletters using Mailchimp.  These are as it happens very employable skills, and furthermore skills of the future. Are you interested in a career in internet marketing, journalism, or do you want some web-content writing skills? This position would also suit someone who wishes to set up a blog – for whatever reason – to blog about your hobby for instance – be it gardening, skateboarding, lawnmowers…. I have my own reasonably successful blog on my attempts to live an eco-friendly lifestyle – I find it a nice creative outlet! You don’t have to commit forever – you would simply fill-in for me occasionally and configure the occasional post or newsletter, and in return you would learn new skills – I can probably teach you the relevant skills for whatever you wish to get out of the whole process e.g. setting up a website, making film shorts, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


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