Outcome of SCST nursery and flat planning hearing‏

The Southwark Council Sports Trust (SCST) Planning Applications

The Southwark Council Sports Trust (SCST) planning applications for the nursery and flat were approved by the Southwark Council Planning Sub-Committee B on Tuesday 11th February 2014.  An addendum report circulated before the hearing is now available online on the register and the decision notices will be published soon.  Of note is that the planning officers removed the recommendation on both applications to refer to the Secretary of State so there will be no referral.    In addition the consent for both the nursery and flat is personal to the applicant, SCST.  The use of the nursery will cease if SCST cease operations on the ground.  Likewise the flat will revert back to D2 auxiliary residential accommodation from the use of C3 residential flat if SCST cease operations.

There was a good turnout from Turney Road residents at the hearing, and many thanks to all neighbours who took the time to attend, and make their presence felt, and also to residents who wrote to the planners and local councillors with their views on these applications.   I know that objectors and supporters were appreciative that Turney and Dulwich residents turned out at Tooley Street in such numbers to hear the members’ discussion on these important local applications.

Once again, the hearing highlighted the problems with centralisation of local planning and the abolition of local planning meetings which occurred in 2012.   Since then, residents wanting to object or support have had to travel miles to get to evening meetings to present their concerns to councillors who in the main do not represent Dulwich.  This happened once again on Tuesday as the panel (without Dulwich councillors) struggled to get to grips with the workings of the Dulwich Estate, and the value of sports grounds in Dulwich.  We were grateful to Village Ward Councillors Michael Mitchell and Toby Eckersley for their efforts in their allotted 3 minute slot both to elucidate Dulwich-specific issues and focus the minds of the committee on the key issues for the decision.   There may be a case to campaign along with other local associations and groups for the return of local planning powers to our local Dulwich Councillors.   We would welcome any views residents may have on their experiences of the planning process.


With kind regards

Sue Badman


Turney Road Residents’ Association

07767 648481



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