#89: Local Residents have their say on the Crystal Palace proposal…

Sunset from Crystal Palace

Sunset seen from Crystal Palace
Image: M.J. Heath

You got back to us, and the overwhelming message was that you felt that you weren’t being genuinely engaged and included in the consultation process. Many of you said that you just didn’t know what was going on. Some of you highlighted that the building would be a lengthy and noisy process with years of ear-splitting drilling, road disruption, and general inconvenience. And that traffic problems would be a problem both during the construction process, and after – as the road infrastructure of the Crystal Palace area is simply not designed for the sort of traffic a tourist site like the proposed Crystal Palace will attract (the 1850s world and the 2010s world being very different things). Below are a few of the e-mails sent to us. Also feel free to leave comments on the website – which is actually what it was built for. Please give a name and descriptor and location (i.e. dog-walker, West Norwood) as this helps to keep comments to those from genuine sources.

“I have deep concerns and would certainly like to know more.” 

Sharon Johnson, Crystal Palace resident and frequent dog-walker in Crystal Palace Park

“How does this building affect my freedom to walk through the park up to the bus station? How much of this ‘people’s’ park will be denied to the people?

Does anybody know exactly what will be the use of this building and will it affect local small businesses? There is an assumption that this is an ‘improvement.’ We were also told that having this enormous building would enable Bromley to ‘improve’ the park but they didn’t say how. Are they going back to the previous, boring grand plan? How many people have been consulted or told about any consultation?”
                                                                                                                                                                                       Geraldine Cowan

“Having lived in Crystal Palace since the late 1950’s I am very concerned with what is now being foisted apon us. I have  written a letter of complaint to Bromley and attended the meeting at the Town Hall hosted by Arup, you are quite right to state that ‘the process to date has insulted our intelligence’, in fact this is an understatement!! 

We were stuck in a total gridlock not long ago, at the bottom end of the parade by the TV aerial, so, with the development in mind,  out of interest we decided to go around the triangle to see what was afoot.  It took us about ~45mins to get around the triangle…… workers  had about ten feet of road up outside the Library for some repairs. There was solid traffic all the way down Anerley Hill, all the way down to and past the rail bridge. Can you imagine what sort of traffic chaos we are going to have to live with for the next few years while this monstrosity is built, not to mention when it opens. 

Arup said that they were building a massive underground car park and parking within the park. However all of these cars have to get in and out of the area, in and out of all of our little side roads, and what next…. Bromley will have to introduce a Residents Parking Scheme for the local roads…… more revenue for Bromley I think!! for us just to park outside our own homes.”

“Arup, skirted away from any questions that were the slightest bit inflammatory, and answered most such with ‘this has still got to be decided’… or ‘we have not got an answer for that yet’. Well that is not an answer…especially if they are already so far into their process that they want to put in detailed plans by the end of this year.

U. Nowicka, Crystal Palace resident


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