Flood Alleviation Works at SCST Sports Ground, Dulwich Park and Belair Park

Dulwich Park – 13/AP/4517 (main), and 14/AP/0067 (trees)

Belair Park – 13/AP/4479 (main)

Southwark Community Sports Trust  – 13/AP/4478 (main) and 14/AP/0069 (trees)

The above applications relate to the proposed Dulwich and Herne Hill Flood Alleviation Scheme.  The consultation dates vary but the Dulwich Park and SCST applications are still open for comment – the SCST application is due to close tomorrow 19th February, and Dulwich Park by 26 February 2014.

If you want to comment, please write to the planners via planning.applications@southwark.gov.uk and planning.consultation@southwark.gov.uk  cc’d to the case officer dipesh.patel@southwark.gov.uk

Turney residents esp. 82-100 Turney have continued to engage with the designers over the SCST scheme.  This has resulted in a number of changes to the original scheme which the applicant (John Kissi) has confirmed will be included in a revised proposal, namely:

All-weather pitch with floodlighting – the applicant (John Kissi) and SCST (John Smith) have confirmed that there are no plans for either an all-weather pitch or floodlighting, and these are not included in the flood alleviation scheme.    SCST has not applied for or is intending to apply for floodlit all weather pitches.  These references will be removed.

Designated overflow car park with Type 1 hard landscaping – The applicant has confirmed that there will be no gravelled parking area but rather a grassed finish sufficiently strong for maintenance vehicles.

The flood defence wall behind 82-100 Turney Road will be sited about 2m from the fences not as shown in the current plans to enable residents’ amenity, security and privacy to be preserved.

The flood defence wall behind 82-100 Turney Road will have earth banks with as much planting as possible to minimise the visual impact of the wall.

As a result of re-siting of the flood defence wall, the healthy oak tree behind 82-100 Turney Road (S2 in application 13/AP/4546) no longer needs to be felled.


However John Kissi has been unable to issue revised plans with the agreed changes before the closure of the SCST consultation tomorrow.    We are assured by both the case officer, Dipesh Patel and John Kissi that revised plans will be issued very shortly.  However to be on the safe side, residents from 82-100 Turney who are most affected by the changes have advised that they think it important for individual residents to lodge objections to the existing unrevised plans before tomorrow’s deadline.  Please see Alastair Macdonald and Nigel Blackman’s note below.

Dipesh Patel tells me that he intends to write to all consultees once the new plans are available, and there will be a further opportunity to send comments.  All flood scheme applications are scheduled for the 11 March sub-committee hearing.

Kind regards,

Sue Badman

For the Turney Road Residents’ Association


From: Alastair Macdonald [mailto:alastairmacd@btopenworld.com]
Sent: 18 February 2014 15:51

Subject: We think you need to object to the FAS plans behind 82-100 Turney Road!

Dear neighbours,

 As you know we have been in discussion with SCST and Southwark re. improvements that many of us wanted to see to the flood alleviation plan for the area at the back of our houses (nos 82-100).

 To recap, these improvements are:

 a) there will be no gravelled parking area but rather a grassed over surface sufficiently strong for maintenance vehicles

 b) the flood defence wall will be at least 2m from our fences (not 1m) and is to be banked-up and planted as much as possible

 c) there will be no felling of tree S2- a healthy 30-year old Oak tree of girth 125cm.

 SCST and the designers of the scheme have been supportive  and we have been assured that these improvements that we negotiated will be included in the final plans.

However, because new plans have yet to be published we think it is important that we all individually lodge objections to the old, unrevised plans before the deadline expires tomorrow.

(Alastair had a conversation with Dipesh Patel, the planning officer, today at which it became apparent that this step should be taken.)

Please see our suggested wording below.

 Kind regards, Alastair & Nigel


Assuming you agree, please email your objections to the planning department and copy to Dipesh Patel, the officer responsible for dealing with the application.

Possible wording (or something similar) :

 Subject: Planning application – 13/AP/4478

Planning application – 13/AP/4478 Construction of a continuous flood defence barrier along the north of the site and an underground storage tank, which will temporarily contain surface water within the Southwark Community Sports Trust grounds, as part of a wider flood alleviation scheme (including works at Belair Park and Dulwich Park).

We write to object to the plans as they stand.  They do not reflect improvements which have since been agreed by key stakeholders (including the applicant, residents and SCST).

We therefore object to the current plans on the following grounds:

1)     A gravelled surface behind nos 82-100 Turney Road represents a significant change to both the appearance and a change of use of this area; an acceptable ‘grasscrete’ alternative will avoid this.

2)     The flood defence wall behind nos 82-100 Turney Road  should be at least 2m from the fence lines to avoid problems with security, privacy and inhibited access to the field by wheelchair users.

3)     This wall should be banked-up and planted as much as possible to reduce the visual impact on the green space and to discourage anti-social behaviour (e.g. graffiti, littering, urinating by sports players)

4)     The 30 year old healthy oak tree S2 (125cm girth) behind nos 82-100 Turney Road does not need to be felled.


We have been assured by the applicant and his agent that revised plans will address each of these issues.   Our objection is to the current unrevised plans only.

 Yours sincerely



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