#91: There are a lot of questions to be asked. Let’s ask them!

Thanks for all your offers of practical help in running this campaign. Expressions of support have also been valuable, since it has been encouraging to discover that ours in not just a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but a voice that speaks for a significant proportion of the local community. Working together, we are much stronger than if we all work alone.   We must speak out on several fronts:

YOU can:

  • Attend the consultation meeting held by ARUP (on behalf of ZhongRong) on Sat March 1st, 11.00-17.00 @ The Lodge, Crystal Palace Park. Project updates at 11.30 am and 1.30pm. Talk on the history of Crystal Palace by the V&A Museum at 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Come armed with all the questions you want to ask. ZhongRong and Arup have cleverly stretched this consultation out over the whole day – so opposition is dissipated, rather than focussed into a single meeting at which everyone can hear the dissatisfaction of others.  Be  strong and ask your questions. Be aware, one of the criticisms of the last meeting was that the time Arup left at the end of its presentation for questions was very short. Get asking straight-away! – there will be no time for shyness. The Press will almost certainly cover the meeting – so a good strong turn-out, and good probing questions will be in order! The press should be able to report that the local people really care about Crystal Palace.
  • leave your opinions, comments and concerns on the website.
  • share our links on social media – such as facebook.
  • subscribe to our newsletter, and get your friends to subscribe. e-mail us at friendsofbelairpark@hotmail.co.uk and state whether you wish to be added to the Crystal Palace newsletter only, or the more general Friends of Belair Park newsletter which also features Belair Park issues. Copy this newsletter to as many other people as possible.
  • write to your councillors and MP expressing your concerns. Friends of the Park have drafted a sample letter (below, and as word attachment – copy + paste, or use as you wish) – which you can adapt as needed. Of course it is even better if you write your own letter,  but we understand you may be short of time – so feel free to use ours.
  • Word of mouth is important, too.   Tell people at work, in local groups, parents at your childrens’ schools, churches, mosques, synagogues  and other places of worship or meeting.  Do pass on our website address.   we have rustic sheet here which you can cut-up.

It cannot be stressed too much that the success of this campaign will rely upon local residents being active and outspoken. Remember election time is approaching! – this is a good time to get MPs to listen! It’s also a good time for  local opposition leaders of all parties to interrogate the parties locally in power about what is going on.  The issues need to be being discussed in the local press right now, so write letters to your local newspaper.


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