WOW! ARUP suddenly seem very keen to hear your views??

Yesterday evening I sent out a newsletter, in which I accused ARUP of skirting over the views of local people. I claimed that their website only mentioned the delightful cultural talk by Christpher Marsden, as though that was the main point of the ARUP public consultation meeting on Saturday 1st March?!! Well go to their website now They have since yesterday updated their ‘News’ section with a link to the video of the meeting as filmed by The Crystal Palace Subway group – it’s amazing that they even mention the meeting in the context of the local people’s opinions.

Furthermore in prominent position on their website is a box which says:

We want to hear your views

The project is in its early stages and more detailed proposals for both the Palace and the park  will be developed over the coming months. As one of the most exciting prospects in London today we are keen to involve  
everyone in shaping the scheme. Please fill in our online questionnaire to record your views about the proposal.

Well hurrah!! 


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