#93: Flood relief works in Belair Park

Flood works 1

Flood works 2

Matthew Jessop of contractors Mouchel explains changes in proposed flood works on site

On February 20, 2014, Dr. Martin Heath met with the team working on flood relief works in Belair Park and Dulwich area parks manager Paul Highman  to discuss final revisions of the plan. A chart prepared by the contractors arrived today, March 11, 2014, and we pass this on to readers for their comments.

Flood works 3Flood works key

(If you would like to view this plan in better resolution here is the pdf: 1057905-003-LSC-001-E_Belair GA)

The present plan will require loss of sections of the hedgerows bounding the western and northern margins of the Park, to be made good by replacement plantings. The path on the eastern (mansion) side of the lake will no longer run across the mid-section of the  field, but will mostly re-build and raise the path created by volunteers beside the lake and will follow an existing path through the ecology area. Its southern section will, after leaving the ecology area, run along the lower part of the field. This path should ensure that it is possible to walk in a circuit around the lake during all seasons (it’s presently  too wet to do so in winter months).

 Although agendas are subject to change, at the moment, the flood alleviation proposal is scheduled to be heard together with cases in Cathedrals, Newington, Camberwell Green and Chaucer wards and the meeting will be held at:

 Tooley Street on 25th March at 7pm in Room G02A.



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3 responses to “#93: Flood relief works in Belair Park

  1. Robin Leach

    I’ve been trying to find an explanation for the shocking state of Belair park this March. The flooding works appear to have created flooding on both sides of river. Does anyone know what is going to happen next? Have the ‘flood engineers’ made a mistake? I take my son to the park about three times a week and it makes me really angry just what a mess it is. I wish they would fix the awful mess they’ve created. Water everywhere. I would really appreciate any reply, even an honest ‘we don’t know’.

    • Many thanks for your email, to which I was alerted this afternoon. In my opinion, based on experience of this field over many years, the flooding on the upper (mansion) field has long been assisted by water being trapped in its passage towards lower ground by the sides of the artificial clay basin which holds the lake. The flooded appearance here is caused by the fact that the basins created to delay storm waters (and prevent it overwhelming the local storm drains all at once) are deep enough to intersect the water table. I have met with paul Highman, the parks manager to discuss the aftermath of the flood relief works. One of the pressently wet areas in front of the ecology area will be re-fashioned and made dry. The bigger on the side furthest from Thurlow Park Road, will be planted up as a wet ecology area. A wet area beside the lake on the lower (railway) field is caused by the creation of an earth bund. It will have to be drained because otherwise it threatens to kill the oak tree. We have discussed planting up the earth bunds with approrpiate wild flowers, so that the become attractive and ecologically valuable features of the Park. I feel that a public meeting would be helpful. Apologies for my not having responded earlier.

      Martin Heath, Chair Friends of Belair Park

      • Robin Leach

        Many thanks for your reply and explanation. I hope it will all be improved soon.

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