article in the Apollo (2.4.2014) by Digby Warde-Aldam argues against the rebuilding of the Crystal Palace

Digby Warde-Aldam writing in the Apollo argues that reduplicating the Crystal Palace would be bizarre, pointless, and anachronistic:


I particularly love Warde-Aldam’s conclusion:

“the site on which it [the original Crystal Palace] stood is one of the most uniquely weird public spaces in Britain.

It’s got sphinxes and staircases that rise to an empty plateau, the one vacated by the Palace itself. It’s got the TV transmitter, London’s answer to the Eiffel Tower. Hell, it’s even got anatomically incorrect dinosaurs. The park is truly unique, its landscaped anarchy made all the more exciting by the absence of a centrepiece. If any open space in London deserves to be preserved as it is, it’s this.”

Crystal Palace Sphinx


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