#96: Just in case you were wondering . . .

. . . what does a Crystal Palace re-build look like?  
Dallas_Infomart Here’s the 1985 re-build to house the Dalllas Infomart, Texas.
There are sphinxes outside and a Crystal Palace-type fountain inside. 
Some of it’s pretty and some of it is just like any other large commercial building. We hope that the folks who work in it like their working environment. Maybe, there’s an appropriate place for such a project somewhere in in London and maybe it could provide employment – but not in our Park, thank you.
Hands off our Park. 
MJHWe are not a sit-on-the-fence talking shop. We are a no-nonsense campaign to save a public park from being snatched by greedy developers. Greedy developers? That’s what we call any developer who’s scheming to grab a slice of public open space to swell their own bank balance. That’s the real story here, not a romantic restoration of our lost history.

trees in Crystal Palace park

Bromley has reneged on the following promise from the Masterplan*: “At the northern end of the Terrace, the existing ‘Nature Garden’ is incorporated into a series of ecological spaces, enhancing existing ecologies and creating opportunities for increasing biodiversity.” (LDA Masterplan Design & Access Statement).
That’s what public parks are for. As London’s built environment becomes ever-denser, the need for public parks can only become more urgent..

*The Masterplan of the early 00s was  a plan for the refurbishment of the Crystal Palace Park, developed by Tilman Latz & partners under the former London Development Agency. The Masterplan’s recognition of importance of green hilltop received enthusiastic support from local groups and the public alike.


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