Developers should look to 10 000 acre Lee Valley Park, not 200 acre Crystal Palace Park, says Amanda Sciberras

Amanda Sciberras – local resident – wants Crystal Palace Park to be a park – and that’s it. She suggests that the 10,000 acre Lee Valley Park, not the 200 acre CPP, be the subject of future imagined, and real, major development proposals.
Sciberras goes on to say:
“Last year LVP, the regional park of the North, cost£27m…ess-finance/finance/ of which £11.7m came from councils across London…k-is-costing-london/
Last year LVP had 2m visitors.

Crystal Palace Park already makes more money than it costs to maintain.

CPP, the regional park of the South, received £250,000 from one London borough while making twice that in event and rental revenue. The financial data shows that last year CPP contributed more than it cost. Last year CPP had 2m visitors. So if any London park needs visitor numbers increased it’s the 10,000 acre LVP and if any London park has the space for such a massive development it’s the 26 mile LVP not the 200 acre CPP.”
Amanda Sciberras, local resident.

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