Southwark Community Sports Trust (SCST) Nursery: update on building progress

From: John Smith, SCST 
Sent: 12 May 2014 18:41
To: Susan Badman, For the Turney Road Residents' Association
Subject: RE: SCST Nursery

Dear Sue,

We are making some progress with the installation of the prefabricated buildings for the SCST and the Nursery.

The units were delivered last week and have been made watertight. We have secured the buildings and we can begin the internal refit during the next few weeks. We will then commence work on the cladding, decking and ramps. We intend to try and co-ordinate the landscaping works with the Herne Hill Flood Alleviation works over the next months. As yet we have been given no date for the contractors from HHFA to start their work.

We hope to start using the facility after June. The full operational start-up of the Nursery will be much later as the OFSTED process, staff recruitment and training will have their own timetables. I will keep you posted as we make progress.

John Smith,


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