Crystal Palace ‘Nature Garden’ MEETING – 7.30pm, Thurs 12th June 2014

Friends of Belair Park kick off their ‘Nature Garden’ Campaign with a meeting open to all:

7.30pm, Thursday June 12, 2014

– the meeting will last about an hour.


Francis Peek Building, Dulwich Park

(Off College Road, SE21 – car park available beside venue)


Whatever the future of the hill top section of Crystal Palace Park, our objective is to secure that part of the area between the patch of limes and the TV mast as a Nature garden.

This is in accordance with the Masterplan (the Masterplan – circa. 2008 – was devised for the former London Development Agency by Tilman Latz and Partner after extensive public engagement – and was broadly believed to have at least some good features and to have at the very least broad public support. The Masterplan was oddly thrown out of the window with appearance of ZhongRong).

The statement below is taken from the LDA Masterplan Design and Access Statement:

“At the Northern end of the Terrace, the existing ‘Nature Garden’ is incorporated into a series of ecological spaces, enhancing existing ecologies and creating opportunities for increasing biodiversity.”

WOW! This is quite a special statement! It actually acknowledges that this piece of land is a Nature Garden already, and asks for it to be nurtured. FOBP couldn’t agree more!! Let’s put public pressure on this official statement to be honoured.


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