Chairman’s Annual Report for year of 2014

The Friends of Belair Park Chairman’s Report for 2014 outlines our mission to protect public green space. Belair Park is part of a network of green spaces which function as essential wildlife corridors across the urban landscape, as well as serving the human community. During 2014, we have worked closely with New Leaf Educational Gardens and with the Lost Effra Project, run by the London Wildlife Trust. We have also collaborated with the London Borough of Southwark, Thames Water and engineering services provider Mouchel to feed local knowledge into the planning and delivery of a scheme to construct flood relief works in Belair Park. We have also been active in questioning current plans by developers ZhongRong to construct a giant commercial complex on the hill top section of Crystal Palace Park. These have involved the summary over-turning of more than a decade of consultation, which had culminated in the explicit recognition of a nature garden area, and of a promise by Bromley Council that no large commercial building would ever be considered for the site.
We thank for your valuable support during 2014.
Our very best wishes for the New Year.

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