Urgent. Please object by Thursday Nov. 24, 2016.

The Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood and the Friends of Champion Hill are fighting to prevent a developer from overturning a restrictive covenant that ensures that the Dulwich Hamlet football grounds are used only for “leisure or recreational or educational purposes.”  


Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood – Respond to Planning Application 16/AP/4051


The Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood are a group of people whose main aims are to protect and improve Dog Kennel Hill park and Dog Kennel Hill wood in Camberwell, London.

We object to planning application 16/AP/4051.

We cite the following objections, in agreement with the Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood.

The current DHFC ground is protected by a restrictive covenant (Clause 8) to ensure it can only be used for “leisure or recreational or educational purposes”. If this is lifted it means that the current stadium could be built upon or used for any purpose by anyone now or in the future. This could mean the demise of our long-standing football club.

  • These S106 agreements between Kings College, Southwark Council and DHFC were put in place to prevent the future development of the land and yet planning application 16/AP/1232 seeks to develop this land.

  • The S106 agreements must not be lifted without some other legally binding agreements set in place to safeguard bot the future of the football club and Green Dale fields.

  • Section 4.16 of their Planning Statement says that the new stadium build will be “future proofed for sustainability” and yet there has been no financial evidence to substantiate this. This application must be turned down until a full and transparent Financial Plan has been published for the community to scrutinise.

  • The applicant states in the cover letter that planning application 16/AP/1232 is “entirely acceptable and in accordance with policy” and yet hundreds of local people have objected due to its total disregard of  both the London Plan (Section 7.17) and the Southwark Plan (Policy 3.25). The new stadium does not constitute an ancillary facility nor does it maintain the openness of MOL due to its enclosing wall. It would therefore be a departure from both the Southwark and London Plans.

  • The applicant also states in their cover letter that planning application 16/AP/1232 is “in the public interest”. This is wholly refutable as the plan to destroy a rare piece of open green space has met with a lot of local opposition. The applicant has not provided clear evidence that their proposal is the only way forward. The local community would like to see other avenues explored whereby the football club has an improved stadium and flats built on their existing footprint, with no encroachment on the wild open space of Green Dale fields.

  • The draft S106 agreement laid out in the Planning Statement says that the stadium and MUGA will be freely available for local schools. Currently the astro turf pitch is used by local children on an ad-hoc basis. If the walled stadium and MUGA are built, this removes the current free access to children outside of a formal school arrangement. In effect, this application removes vital sports facilities from the area rather than providing them.

  • The land registry entry for title SGL62094 (the current stadium) page 6 point 10 says that there is another S106 agreement dated 21 May 2003 which lays out “provisions relating to the development of the land in this title” and yet this document has not been published nor provided by the applicant. Without seeing the contents, this application should be refused.

The comment below is copied from Simon E Hughes MBE (not to be confused with former MP Sir Simon H. W. Hughes).

FRIENDS OF CHAMPION HILL Green Dale Update A planning application (16/AP/4051) has been submitted by, not the Hadley Property Group, but by Green Dale Property Co Ltd (GPC), to strip Dulwich Hamlet Football Club playing pitch of all the protection it has through the S106 agreement between Southwark Council, J Sainsbury’s and King’s College; this protection prevents building houses on the pitch. Once stripped of this protection there will be nothing to stop the owners (the developers) building on the pitch. The club would be left with nowhere to play. Please join me in protesting against this strongly. To make your feelings felt, register your objections with Southwark Planning Committee before Thursday 24 November. Either write a letter to the Case Officer or go to Simple Search on the Southwark website by pasting this into your search engine, http://planbuild.southwark.gov.uk:8190/online-applications/ which should get you to Simple Search, insert the application reference 16/AP/4051; after a short wait press make a public comment, scroll down, fill in your details and make your objections. You might like to use points I have made in my letter to the case officer over the page. Please don’t cut and paste too much as your objection will then count for less.


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