Friends of Belair Park PUBLIC MEETING

Thursday 2nd March, 2017 – 7.30pm 

Belair Recreation Rooms (access from Gallery Road, SE21)


Hedgerows in Autumn

This meeting will give users of the Park an opportunity to discuss two ecology/amenity issues:

Hedgerows: how would you like them to be managed?

The paths between the hedgerows and the western and northern Park boundaries have become favourite feautures of the park, particularly with dog walkers. The hedgerows were planted as a result of an initiative by the two members of the Friends, Angela Wilkes and the late David Nicholson-Lord (who were also members of the Dulwich Society).

Southwark aims to carry out work on the hedgerows before April and the nesting season.

The hedgerow presently helps to screen the new industrial-style fence along the railway embankment. Many people enjoy the hedgerow at its present height, but if left to grow unmanaged it will become straggly and an inefficient screen. A number of people want it trimmed much lower for reasons of personal security, but with too much reduction, it could become meaningless in terms of both visual effect and ecology. There will be presentations from members of the Friends and from Southwark officers. The technique of hedge laying, which promotes new growth, density and strength will be explained. This will be followed by an open discussion.

Threats to trees after flood relief works.

The purpose of the recent flood relief project was to detain water within Belair Park, so that local drains are not overwhelmed during major storms, leading to overflow and water damage in local homes and businesses. Unfortunately, the creation of earth mounds to hold back water has caused ponding over the root system of magnificent trees and this problem must be addressed urgently. What are the possible solutions and when will action be taken?

Southwark has approved our request for funding to repair the section of path near the West Dulwich gate of the Park, where uneven ground, mud and ice have posed seasonal slip and trip hazards.


Hedgerows in Spring


Hedgerows in Summer


Hedgerows in Winter


Flooding of root system


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