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Great North Wood – Launching an exciting new project

Photo shows Sam Bentley-Toon Great North Wood Project Development Officer - Centre for Wildlife Gardening London Wildlife Trust making his presentation to meeting

Sam Bentley-Toon Great North Wood Project Development Officer – Centre for Wildlife Gardening London Wildlife Trust making his presentation to meeting

On May 7, 2016, the London Wildlife Trust invited representatives from friends of open spaces groups to meet at The Sparrowhawk Public House at Crystal Palace to hear an outline of a scheme to enhance  the ecology of a number of key sites which were once part of the Great North Wood. The idea was received with enthusiasm and participants were keen to explore ways in which they could co-operate to turn it into reality. This was just the beginning of the process, which has the makings of another great community project, like the LWT’s Lost Effra programme.

These are some documents as PDFs:

GNW Consultation poster – friends

GNW-project summary


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Exclusivity agreement between Bromley Council and ZhongRong Holdings runs out at midnight Saturday 21st February 2015

Let the excitement begin!

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Private Eye notes the many gifts accepted by Boris from Chinese business men

Whilst gift-giving is normal practice in the business world, it is generally accepted that public figures should practise extreme caution in receiving gifts. As Private Eye deadpans in its opening sentence from the article ‘China and Qatar gives thanks to Boris & Co’ (12th Dec 2014):

“BORIS JOHNSON’s plan to hand Crystal Palace Park to Chinese corporation ZhongRong so it can build a hotel in the historic London green space has already had a big impact on the London mayor’s hospitality register.”  read the rest of the article here

Inside Croydon – who have been tenacious and belligerent even on the ZhongRong proposal – comment on Private Eye’s investigative journalism findings in their article (10.12.2014): Boris aides make a meal of London Mayor’s Chinese giveaway

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Why is Crystal Palace Park discussed as though it is a piece of disused real estate by politicians on the Sunday Politics Show

posted by Nadia Mahmud-Salvisberg

Fantastic that the Crystal Palace Park proposal is finally making National News, but we are confounded and angry that the park is referred to as though it is a derelict and disused piece of land. It is a beautiful park where children play and wildlife lives.

As well as making the BBC news (23/11/14), The Crystal Palace development was discussed on the Sunday politics show(starts at 40 minutes).

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London Assembly vote to investigate Boris’ Albert Docks deal

C4 news report on Boris Johnson’s Albert Docks property deal:


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Bromley Council’s views on the latest Crystal Palace scheme – (primary school, and sports)

In the seemingly never-ending surfacing of new proposals for the Crystal Palace Park (The Multiplex (1997), the Masterplan (??part1), the Masterplan (2008), the ZhongRong rebuild (2013)), many of you will be aware of the latest proposal (2014) for the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is in Crystal Palace Park and a part of it; and the proposal being put forward involves building a primary school (under much debate) and some reworking of the sports facilities – though the devil is in the detail (see document). This is a discussion that is being had whilst the ZhongRong proposal is still ongoing – the new scheme being touted as something that can potentially fit alongside the ZhongRong scheme.


This is Councillor Stephen Carr – the leader of Bromley Council’s view on the scheme:


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ZhongRong’s Crystal Palace proposal is in Private Eye

Private Eye ZRG gallery_743_169_49208

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November 6, 2014 · 9:46 pm

badly-worded?? survey asking whether Crystal Palace should be built on

Friends of Belair Park reproduce an opinion from Amanda Sciberras about a survey being conducted by Friends of Crystal Palace Park:

Hi all,

The so called Friends of Crystal Palace Park have put up a badly worded, biased survey alongside inaccurate/misleading info re the proposal to build a 200,000 M2 trading, hotel & retail complex in the park. So far the majority of people who have visited that page and claim to like the park want it built on it. Please take time to follow this link to vote No thanks
Many thanks
Amanda Sciberras

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Crystal Palace ‘Nature Garden’ MEETING – 7.30pm, Thurs 12th June 2014

Friends of Belair Park kick off their ‘Nature Garden’ Campaign with a meeting open to all:

7.30pm, Thursday June 12, 2014

– the meeting will last about an hour.


Francis Peek Building, Dulwich Park

(Off College Road, SE21 – car park available beside venue)


Whatever the future of the hill top section of Crystal Palace Park, our objective is to secure that part of the area between the patch of limes and the TV mast as a Nature garden.

This is in accordance with the Masterplan (the Masterplan – circa. 2008 – was devised for the former London Development Agency by Tilman Latz and Partner after extensive public engagement – and was broadly believed to have at least some good features and to have at the very least broad public support. The Masterplan was oddly thrown out of the window with appearance of ZhongRong).

The statement below is taken from the LDA Masterplan Design and Access Statement:

“At the Northern end of the Terrace, the existing ‘Nature Garden’ is incorporated into a series of ecological spaces, enhancing existing ecologies and creating opportunities for increasing biodiversity.”

WOW! This is quite a special statement! It actually acknowledges that this piece of land is a Nature Garden already, and asks for it to be nurtured. FOBP couldn’t agree more!! Let’s put public pressure on this official statement to be honoured.

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print out these ‘Nature Garden’ campaign newsletters and circulate them!!

These campaign newsletters have both been designed to be a double-sided sheet of A4. Please print them out and distribute them widely.

Nature Garden campaign

Crystal Palace background sheet – May 2014

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