Our friends

We work with many other local bodies and individuals to enhance amenity and ecology both within Belair Park and in the locale.

Belair House Ltd. We work closely with the management of Belair House, who provide a venue for dining, social and entertainment events. The policy of Belair House is to support and encourage  the Friends and other community activities.

Dulwich Park Friends   –  Dulwich Park is the nearest public open space and is manged by the same parks team under manager Paul Highman (020 8693 6014) responsible to the London Borough of Southwark.

Southwark Council – We serve as a watch-dog body for open space and are engaged in continuing dialogue with the the Council. This relationship involves on the one hand a close and constructive collaboration (particularly in relation to Belair Park) and on the other, outspoken opposition to inappropriate schemes elsewhere in the Borough.

new leaf    community gardening with young people.

London Wildlife Trust – We support and publicize community events staged by the LWT.

Rosendale Energy –  a community-owned energy project in the Rosendale area.

Turney and Burbage  Roads, Dulwich SE London – An active local residents’ body working for the interests of Dulwich.

Heather Burrell – designed our archway entrance at the West Dulwich gate (opposite W. Dulwich railway station).

Yoga in Brixton Hill  – one of our dedicated volunteers Dilana Tasci runs a yoga class in Brixton Hill. Here is her page.      purnakanna@gmail.com   phone no.:  0753 907 3973

Suzy Spaniel – one of our long-term volunteers Susannah Peel has an art site

ao logo       a blog on everyday green living by volunteer Nadia




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